What does under activating look like?

Getting the right amount of activator sounds easy but its not always. Depending on if your using aerosols, HVLP, or even a pressure pot to apply the activator you will always need to make adjustments based on what your seeing your film do.

Many variables come into play when activating the film such as water temp, time allowed to hydrate, your current weather, what gun size tip, how fast you go across your design with the activator, how far your from the film, how much of a overlap, ect.

We always recommend starting out with a single pass with a 30% overlap you want to see the film expand and get glossy. 

If the film doesn't get glossy and looks grainy this can be an indication you didn't apply enough activator. 

when you dip the item and as you pull it from the water and start rinsing. If several small pin holes start appearing this is another indication you under activated your film.

As you gain more experience you will learn to properly read the film and what it needs to produce top quality dips. We are always here to help with any questions. Just use the contact us page at the top of the website.