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Air Cure Gun Kote Satin Clear

Afterlife Industries

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Air Cure Gun Kote Satin Clear


Hydrographic Film Supplies has partnered with KG Industries to bring a low build, yet very durable coating that works great for projects with minimal tolerances (such as fire arms) to the hydro-dipping industry. This product can either be used with our films or stencils to create just about anything you or your customer needs.

1200 Series is a single part, air cured coating that is a proprietary single component water-based polyurethane resin that doesn’t require a hardener. 

It takes only 80 minutes for this coating to cure at near room temperature, producing a hard but flexible film. This is perfect for all plastics, rubber and other delicate material that cannot be subjected to the high temperatures of the typical curing processes.

Gun Kote requires a spray gun or airbrush to apply - Recommended: Spray Gun Size .5 -.8  Airbrush size 3

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We also carry hundreds of hydrographic film prints, activator, a unique paint system, and all the other necessary products for a successful hydro dip.
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